Writing an Argumentative Essay

The task of writing an argumentative essay might appear as a hard thing to do for the majority of the students. If you want to do it well, writing this kind of essay will surely take some time. There are some tricks to writing a good argumentative essay and saving yourself a great amount of time. There are tons of techniques that can possibly help you but they are often too convoluted. Analogy is the best technique for this task.

Argumentative Essay: Revealing the best technique

This colorful and informative picture shows you the basics of writing an argumentative essay. Just imagine that your target audience is a little cute kitten that looks right at you with its hungry eyes and wants some tasty fish. Now you just have to go and start fishing!


Actually, it is not a myth that introduction is the most important part of the essay. Because this is exactly when you need to target the audience and make the first impression as good as possible.It is like pulling the fish out of the water when it comes to fishing. These are some different sorts of essay hooks for you:

  • Question
  • Philosophical or startling statement
  • Quote
  • First-person story
  • Anecdote
  • Factual information
  • Analogy

You just need to choose the right one for your kind of essay. You can find more information about essay hooks here paper-help.me

Most of the people are not familiar with your topic and they might not have enough theoretical knowledge, so you need to be clear and it is best to explain everything in layman’s terms. Therefore, all you need to do is be precise and stick to the main points.

The thesis sentence should be written in the end of the introductory paragraph. A thesis of your essay is the most important bullet point and what you need to remember is to make it very clear and concise. This way it should not be difficult for you to prove the most important point.

Building Your Argumentation

Three arguments are used to support the thesis. But the whole idea of writing an argumentative essay is also providing other points that will oppose your thesis. It is always good to have some solid counterarguments because when you oppose them, your thesis should be supported by the readers even more.

When it comes to writing the body of the essay it is crucial that you provide relevant arguments based on accurate theoretical background. You should not use the following techniques while preparing the materials.

  • Writing fictional arguments (all of the information in the essay can be checked)
  • Don’t use informal language trying to support your point (only the relevance of facts matters here)
  • The usage of transitional words will help the reader better understand the logical structure of your essay.


When you are done with writing the essay there are some more steps to be taken to make your essay impressive. Here are three things to do :

  • Rephrase the thesis. Explain the relevance of the topic once more.
  • Structure the arguments. Use them to effectively support your opinion and also provide additional data and strong evidence.
  • What will happen if somebody does not agree with your arguments? Show how bad it might influence the society.

If you have done everything according to the instructions, the essay should be to your audience’s satisfaction. Although if you are a little confused or have additional writing related questions you can contact us to get some advice from professionals!